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A team focused on tech design

Fully engaged from concept to mass production
assisting with decision making along the way

Marketing priority

Develop project management and resource allocation plans to maximize efficiency

Consulting and Integration in one

We have experts from different fields to lead you through each design process


Product Design
marketing data - PRD - targeting - profiling - competitors survey - mood-board
sketching and ergonomic design. - modelling & rendering - surfacing - ME design
prototyping - photographing
Brand Planning - Corporate Identity System - Personalized Websites - Advertising
Visual Planning - Interface Design - Digital Art - Film Production
Interior Design - Exhibition Design - Exhibit Design - Art Installations

Precise Craftsmanship

We recognize the value of each product from concept to production and approach each detail with


product design service @Taipie

Get in touch

Thirteen Studio has an open approach to collaborate, uniting diverse fields. Please talk to our business development team about working with Thirteen.

Thank you! Message received.

Tel: 886-9-75-128-464

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